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My children's book ON THE MOVE was published in Spring 2013 by Arbordale Publishing.
In this blog I will be letting you know about animal mass migrations taking place in North America.
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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Sandhill Cranes Are On the Move!

copyright Susan Detwiler
"Spring swoops onto the prairie on a brisk, bold breeze. A warbling, trumpeting, chirping noise gets louder and louder. Soon hundreds of thousands of sandhill cranes fill the sky. They're on the move!" ~ On the Move: Mass Migrations by Scotti Cohn
It's that time of year again -- the time when hundreds of thousands of sandhill cranes head for Nebraska from their wintering grounds in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Chihuahua, Mexico. Here's an informative article with great photos: _500,000 Cranes Are Headed for Nebraska in One of Earth’s Greatest Migrations_

A report that aired on NBC News: _Thousands of cranes arrived in Kearney, Neb., stunning birdwatchers with their beauty._

For a peek at what the cranes are doing right now, check out _Rowe Sanctuary's Crane Cam_!