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Monday, March 16, 2015

Salamander Migration 2015

copyright Susan Detwiler
"Spring paints the forest in fresh shades of purple, yellow, and green. Warm rain falls in drips and drops on the cold ground. Spotted salamanders crawl out of their underground homes after dark. . . This is their big night, and soon they are on the move." ~ On the Move: Mass Migrations by Scotti Cohn
The spring migration of the spotted salamander usually occurs after a hard rain and temperatures are around 55 degrees Fahrenheit, especially after a week or so of warmer temperatures to help warm the ground. This year, on March 31, residents of Brookeville, Maryland, will gather at Rachel Carson Conservation Park to observe the migration there.

Salamanders make a big difference in ecosystems because of the amount of insects they consume, and they are prey for birds and small mammals. Here is an interesting article about research and studies that are being done about salamanders: Ohio State researcher discusses salamander study in the county.

In some areas, roads are closed during the period of time that salamanders are traveling to their breeding ground. Crossing brigades are organized to protect the salamanders. Some communities plan special activities during which people can view the migration firsthand and learn more about why it takes place. For example, in Arcadia, Massachusetts, "Big Night" hikes and activities are scheduled for April 11 of this year: Arcadia's Big Night.